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Our Products

We provide premium quality Chromadek®,  prefabricated roof trusses, timber, asbestos fascia, ceilings, and carpentry.


We go above and beyond to provide you with the best roofing supplies on the market. Perfectly crafted to suite your business and home.


Why Choose Us

Free design service

Grayson Roofing’s consultants and carpenters, with your help work together to find the best design, gauge and colour for your roof.

Quality materials

We always strive to give you the highest-quality products available.

Professional installation

Long-term warranties

With our long term warranties you can be confident in the satisfaction of your roof sheets and installation of your roof.

Personalised specifications

We have our own machines so we cut to your specifications – you are not limited to just 3.6 metres cuts.

Why metal roofing

A metal roof is able to balance the temperature inside your home because it is very reflective .

We manufacture our own roofing products such as IBR roof sheeting, corrugated roof sheeting, widespan roof sheeting and the Q-tile roof sheeting. The fact that there is no middle man when buying directly from us means that our clients will get the best prices when obtaining roofing supplies. We aim to provide our clients with high quality products and service, which is why we work according to strict quality measures.

To be champions and the preferred business partner in the provision of roofing and construction solutions to the satisfaction of our valued customers in Zimbabwe and beyond.

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Diversity
  • Commitment
  • Fair value

To build long term relationships with our clients through the provision of exceptional customer services that satisfies their needs by pursuing business through ethical practices, innovation and advanced technology.


Our Clients & Partners

We are committed to serving you in an exceptional way that meets your expectations for your total satisfaction.We go an extra mile in providing you with a total solution through diversified product range.Our value proposition is underpinned on guaranteed quality and durability of products at a fair market value compared to none in the industry.